Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Postal !!!

Due to my new-found freedom, I have been filling my time with things other than blogging. However, now that my travels are done for the year :( I have time to get back to it. I will post the Bama pictures shortly. Until then, here's the latest news:

I have been working quite a bit on my application for graduate school. Things are starting to come together which makes me simultaneously giddy and nauseated. I received my new passport last week, as well as my official transcript (which means my diploma is probably not far behind :). I have two professors on board to write letters of recommendation. Yesterday, I sent them all the info they asked for so they can write a glowing review of me and my amazingness. So all that remains is to write my final application letter along with another essay about why it would be awesome for the school to help me with some of my tuition. As soon as that's all together, the application is off. The school says I should be notified of their decision within 10 days. So, for those of you who see me regularly, be prepared for a few days of anxiety-ridden text messages. I will keep you "post"ed. (That was for Alex. For the rest of you, I apologize).

As I alluded to at the beginning, I recently went to visit E in Bama. It was a lot of fun. We ate some yummy food, saw some crazy football fans, and watched us some Buffy. Good times were had by all.

This is not news so much as a side comment, but my friends rock. Sara participated in a triathalon this weekend so she kicks ass in the literal sense. Brandon, Alex and I went to support her. Sitting on the sidelines, watching athletes on a beautiful Saturday morning was hard work, but we managed. We ended up sitting by two guys that seemed to know quite a bit about the event so we learned a lot as well. Whether any of it was true we will never know, but we feel more well informed and that is what it's all about really, right?

That evening, we went to the Bayou to eat a bunch of greasy food and have a few drinks- no pear cider though : ( . I choose to document the following story purely to embrass Brandon. He had to leave before the rest of us due to prior party plans. He asked for the check and, when the server gave it to him, he got pissed off because she had not included a pen. So he asked the girls at the table for one but found no success. Catching the servers eye proved difficult as well so he just stewed in his annoyance for a bit. When she finally came by, he asked her for a pen and she was happy to oblige. It wasn't until Kelly caught Brandon surruptitiously sliding his credit card into the bill folio that the whole story came to light. He had not given her his card yet and therefore had nothing to sign with his much-needed pen. To those of you absent from the proceedings, this may not make you giggle quite as much as it did me. His eagerness to hide his embarassment upon discovering his error was as great as my desire to make sure everyone heard the tale. That, my friends is true schadenfreude.