Sunday, August 28, 2011

Terty Tree and a Terd

Miles, that is.  Ok so it was 33.42 according to Google maps but in honor of our dear Edinburgh bartender, I will bend the rules this once.

Today I went for a ride.  A long ride.  An all day ride.  It was gorgeous.  Here is a little tour for those of you who couldn't be here (you know who you are!).

Warning: I have recently been playing with the collage feature on Picasa.  Just think of it as more photos for your money. Also, could you start paying said money sometime soon?  That'd be great, thanks!!!

I do think this means no cycling allowed.  I just think it's cute.  And for the record, I was not cycling when I took this so no ticket needed. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

You Might Have Wondered

I know you are dying to know what a day is like in my head.  I cannot and will not subject you to such an experience but I thought perhaps I would share my thoughts as I tidy my room this evening (Lindsey will be here soon, after all and I am sure she expects things top-notch!): 
  • Rainbows are magical
  • I wish everyone could read Ex Libris
  • I own a mini (and by mini I, of course, mean children's version) shovel, hoe, and trowel.  I live in a the loft of a gardenless flat.  That's how much I miss having dirt to play in. 
  • So many books.  I didn't bring this many with me.  Have I really bought so many? 
  • Dear everyone: I have some great postcards/greeting cards/letters but I am a whore for them.  Keep em coming! 
  • That drawer containing all the papers I will one day have to deal with is getting terrifyingly full. 
  • Tidying a room really doesn't take that long.  why am i such a bitch about getting it done? It feels so good to have it sorted out! 
  • Fitted sheets can go to hell.  Sorry, E.  I know you tried. :( 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Monday

Three reasons today was fab:

Leisurely morning- I woke up at 6:30 this morning and decided I was going to stay up.  I threw in a load of laundry, worked out, showered, fixed up my bike, and left for the day feeling all sorts of productive.

RAE!!!! - FINALLY back on the road!!!  Oh how fabulous it felt to have my commute back.  No trains to depend on.  No sweaty people to avoid squishing up against.  No moments spent avoiding eye contact with people you are watching.  Just a lovely breeze on my face while I re-familiarized myself with London above-ground.  Splendid.

Ratatouille - (No, Mr. Dog, not the movie).  The actual delicious dish.  While I chatted with my favorite DC-er, I whipped up a batch and boy was it tasty.

Not bad for a Monday!

My Flatmate Rocks

The first email I opened this morning had this, sent by my kick ass flatmate:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Weekend

I've been reading some old posts today and forgot how many cool things have happened in the past year.  I intended to write a One Year Anniversary post but was too busy eating cookie dough and watching movies with the gang to get around to it.  Perhaps that will happen shortly.  Refreshing my memory has made me realize how great it is to document the little things.  Yesterday was fantastic and I don't want to forget it so I'll give you the highlights.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's been a while since I posted some recent flower pics.  How I do love them. :)

Chelsea Physic Garden

You'll Be Glad to Know!

The man, who I somehow summoned into existence from my urgent need for fresh, handmade ice cream last year at the Thames Festival, is still wandering the earth, dishing out his creamy goodness.  In a strictly professional way, of course! 

When he appeared last year at the exact moment I voiced my need for real ice cream, I smiled at how well London takes care of its own.  

When he emerged through the trees in Battersea Park right at dessert time after our picnic, I fell in love with this city even more.  

Thank you, London, for your fantastic surprises and frequent treats! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's the First Step that Counts

"He watched it warily, as if it were an enemy that was trying to entice him again into a war that he had renounced.  Even in the dim, familiar quiet of the library, in an empty carrel that he found hidden in the lower depths of the stacks, he had a hard time making himself look at the pages he carried with him.  He opened other books and read paragraphs at random; he sat still, inhaling the musty odor that came from the old books.  Finally he sighed; unable to put it off any longer, he opened the folder and glanced hastily at the first pages."

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear NB@C

I miss you!!!   I have so many posts to put up about this summer and all my travels.  Essentially I had the best summer anyone has ever had in the history of ever.  Three of my favorite people were here (and a fourth was here in spirit and most of our conversations) for many weeks.  We traveled to Great Missenden, Brighton, Edinburgh, and all over London but also spent many days at home, in pjs, eating cookie dough, watching movies and laughing from deep in our guts.  Absolutely splendid!

I needed the revitalization more than I knew.  Having home come to London was so refreshing.  It also reminded me just how fantastic my friends really are.  Erin has the solutions to seemingly unsolvable life dilemmas.  Sara somehow manages to keep everything simple and easy.  And Alex helps us all gain weight but then is also capable of making us laugh the food back out of our mouths, chuckling until our sides ache, so maybe the calories in vs. calories out of being around him balances us out.  

So three cheers for a splendiferous summer!!!!  Pics and posts to come!