Monday, December 27, 2010

Back in the Land of Blogging

Phew.  It's been a while.  In the time since I last posted anything real the following events occurred: Thanksgiving, finals, and Christmas.  That list comes out looking rather short in all honesty.  I am sure there were some nights at the Rocket, garden strolls, days at the British Library, and hours at the cafe that may have also distracted me from blogging.  But I'm back nonetheless.  And I have all kinds of exciting stories and sights to tell/show you respectively.

Firstly, let's just celebrate that I am done with class!!!!  That means more time to wander the city which has been lovely.  Over the course of yesterday and today, Y and I walked six miles or so through the back streets (also known as dark and slightly-intimidating alleyways) and saw some pretty off-the-beaten-path places.  Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure along with a link to the map of our walk if you want to do it yourself.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cafe Fiction

Some people said the house was haunted and I believed them that she had been dead for seven years. So he started looking for her grave and started dancing on his tomb. Then the ground broke open and a cold withered hand grabbed his ankle. He looked down and said "what a lovely hand." They lived happily ever after.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wikipedia Knows Everything


Arun Gupta of The Indypendent has pointed out how bacon in particular possesses six ingredient types of umami, which elicits an addictive neurochemical response.[13] According to Gupta "the chain lards on bacon in particular" give foods a "high flavor profile" creating a "one-of-a-kind product that has no taste substitute."[14] This led Dr. David Kessler, author ofThe End of Overeating, to note how the standard joke in the restaurant chain industry goes, "When in doubt, throw cheese and bacon on it."[14]