Monday, December 27, 2010

Back in the Land of Blogging

Phew.  It's been a while.  In the time since I last posted anything real the following events occurred: Thanksgiving, finals, and Christmas.  That list comes out looking rather short in all honesty.  I am sure there were some nights at the Rocket, garden strolls, days at the British Library, and hours at the cafe that may have also distracted me from blogging.  But I'm back nonetheless.  And I have all kinds of exciting stories and sights to tell/show you respectively.

Firstly, let's just celebrate that I am done with class!!!!  That means more time to wander the city which has been lovely.  Over the course of yesterday and today, Y and I walked six miles or so through the back streets (also known as dark and slightly-intimidating alleyways) and saw some pretty off-the-beaten-path places.  Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure along with a link to the map of our walk if you want to do it yourself.

A dragon (?) welcoming visitors to the City of London
Hidden churchyard near Little Britain

Ye Be Warned: You are not here because you have the right to be! We were kind enough to give you permission. That's why we make this area so difficult to get into....

....or why we leave it completely open from all sides. Either way! It's merely our magnanimity that allows you to stand here and read this sign.

In my mind the Gherkin is gliding through the city devouring all the small buildings in its path and growing in girth as it consumes its prey

How polite are they? I mean, in reality they would cut off your lock with the jaws of life and take your bike to depths unknown, but they sound so damn nice about it.

Onto Christmas (apparently this will be a chronologically-reverse post).  I've been away from home for the holidays before but not away from family.  As the day itself drew closer, I found myself contemplating a last minute trip home but I held fast to my choice and I think I made the right one.  Two friends stayed over the night of Christmas Eve so we spent Christmas day together making cookies, watching movies, and chatting the day away.  Pretty fantastic if you ask me :)

Christmas Eve was taco night.  L came over and whipped up her famous mouth-watering taco shells and we buffet-styled the fixins.  Best. Idea. Ever.  (Side note: there were six of us and we ate 30 tacos.  Not cool and yet so awesome at the same time).

Christmas Crackers - aka Where The Crowns Come From

And for some random things around the city the last few days.....

So says the wall of The Rocket, fount of all useless trivia.

Felix, the tube-traveling pigeon.