Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear NB@C

I miss you!!!   I have so many posts to put up about this summer and all my travels.  Essentially I had the best summer anyone has ever had in the history of ever.  Three of my favorite people were here (and a fourth was here in spirit and most of our conversations) for many weeks.  We traveled to Great Missenden, Brighton, Edinburgh, and all over London but also spent many days at home, in pjs, eating cookie dough, watching movies and laughing from deep in our guts.  Absolutely splendid!

I needed the revitalization more than I knew.  Having home come to London was so refreshing.  It also reminded me just how fantastic my friends really are.  Erin has the solutions to seemingly unsolvable life dilemmas.  Sara somehow manages to keep everything simple and easy.  And Alex helps us all gain weight but then is also capable of making us laugh the food back out of our mouths, chuckling until our sides ache, so maybe the calories in vs. calories out of being around him balances us out.  

So three cheers for a splendiferous summer!!!!  Pics and posts to come!