Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Weekend

I've been reading some old posts today and forgot how many cool things have happened in the past year.  I intended to write a One Year Anniversary post but was too busy eating cookie dough and watching movies with the gang to get around to it.  Perhaps that will happen shortly.  Refreshing my memory has made me realize how great it is to document the little things.  Yesterday was fantastic and I don't want to forget it so I'll give you the highlights.

  • I suppose Saturday really started on Friday.  I had no intention of going out but changed my mind at the last minute and met a group of friends at Strawberry Moon near Oxford Street.  So. Much. Fun.  I only recently discovered why people go out dancing and it has been one of my better life discoveries.  Prior to that I enjoyed being in the busy, music-filled space of a dance floor but didn't enjoy the actual dancing or, much worse, having to deal with gropers, gawkers, and generally gross guys.  After the last Webster welcome party though, I got it.  The creepy men can bugger off.  I just want to have a good time.  And a good time was had by all that night.  Glad I changed my mind about going. 
  • Walking through central London early in the morning is one of life's simple pleasures.  I had to meet Yafit at London Bridge Saturday morning and left early to head that direction.  The streets were empty.  The light made all the stone look warm and soft.  The breeze across the river had the perfect chill to it.  Gorgeous.  I walked to Borough market and arrived as the vendors were setting up.  I ate breakfast and wandered around the area for a bit then spent some time checking out Southwark Cathedral before meeting Yafit at the station. 
  • We took a riverboat to Greenwich for the afternoon.  The weather was great nearly the entire time.  We walked to the Observatory and view point area, had a drink at the cafe, strolled through the Maritime museum, and looked around the market in the main square before heading back to Borough Market for lunch. 
  • By the time we arrived it was raining something fierce.  Everything was packed with people getting out of the rain.  We ate some lunch then walked to Monmouth coffee for Yafit to get a drink and then next door to grab me a tea and a sweet to share.  Alex believes that every dish is better with either chocolate, butter, or cream cheese.  Our brownie had all three.  Likely in equal amounts.  Perfection!  After a luxurious tea time we walked around some more market booths and tried some of the goat's milk ice cream.  In case you are wondering, it tasted cream. 
  • By this time (3:30 on the dot actually.  We can only say this because at the time the cathedral bells were in a dizzy and had been for a few minutes, prompting us to check the time.  A wedding was just finishing in the building, hence the commotion.  Definitely people who wanted people to know they were getting married) the weather had gone back to warm and sunny so we decided to walk to the National Gallery. 
  • As always, the stroll along the North Bank is relaxing and peaceful.  I splashed in a few puddles while we chatted our way to Embankment.  
  • Walking up from Embankment to the Strand we followed our ears to a small park where a blues band was playing.  Sitting in a sunny park, listening to live music you had no idea was happening, a few minutes after a river walk and before an art walk is London's way of saying, "You thought you loved me?  You don't even know me yet.  Let me show you just how fantastic I can REALLY be."  
  • The National Gallery has several paintings that I could stare at for disgusting amounts of time.  The execution of Lady Jane Grey is definitely one of those.  I love that painting.  It's sweet, haunting, sad, frustrating; everything is there.  Incredible.  What wasn't so great was the smell of one room Yafit described as "a fat man on a crowded subway on a hot day."  I didn't pick up on this wave of particular musk and I am glad for it.  
  • Walking makes one (or two) hungry.  Earlier in the day we mentioned some cannoli that our lovely friend Manfredi bought us back in December.  We decided to stop by and grab some and for me to show Yafit the new dessert shop around the corner.  Two slices of decadent desserts and a freshly squeezed orange & mint juice later we were stuffed.  Not so stuffed we couldn't stop by the Italian bakery again and purchase the cannoli.  For later consumption I'm sure. 
  • After arriving home I showered, pj-ed, and settled in to watch Chocolat while I drifted off to sleep.  
Gorgeous day!