Friday, August 26, 2011

You Might Have Wondered

I know you are dying to know what a day is like in my head.  I cannot and will not subject you to such an experience but I thought perhaps I would share my thoughts as I tidy my room this evening (Lindsey will be here soon, after all and I am sure she expects things top-notch!): 
  • Rainbows are magical
  • I wish everyone could read Ex Libris
  • I own a mini (and by mini I, of course, mean children's version) shovel, hoe, and trowel.  I live in a the loft of a gardenless flat.  That's how much I miss having dirt to play in. 
  • So many books.  I didn't bring this many with me.  Have I really bought so many? 
  • Dear everyone: I have some great postcards/greeting cards/letters but I am a whore for them.  Keep em coming! 
  • That drawer containing all the papers I will one day have to deal with is getting terrifyingly full. 
  • Tidying a room really doesn't take that long.  why am i such a bitch about getting it done? It feels so good to have it sorted out! 
  • Fitted sheets can go to hell.  Sorry, E.  I know you tried. :(