Sunday, August 28, 2011

Terty Tree and a Terd

Miles, that is.  Ok so it was 33.42 according to Google maps but in honor of our dear Edinburgh bartender, I will bend the rules this once.

Today I went for a ride.  A long ride.  An all day ride.  It was gorgeous.  Here is a little tour for those of you who couldn't be here (you know who you are!).

Warning: I have recently been playing with the collage feature on Picasa.  Just think of it as more photos for your money. Also, could you start paying said money sometime soon?  That'd be great, thanks!!!

I do think this means no cycling allowed.  I just think it's cute.  And for the record, I was not cycling when I took this so no ticket needed. 

Welcome to Richmond Park: sunny, fresh, full of wildlife.  From the entrance of the park I decided to go straight in as far as possible.  This took me immediately up a stupidly steep hill but the pain was mitigated by the fact that I saw the biggest stag I've ever seen in real life.  The woods around were teeming with deer.

At the top of the hill I stopped to have a snack and read for a while.  Turns out propping Rae up on a log gave me the perfect headrest.  I also met a new friend.  He was, sadly, broken which meant he couldn't fly in my face but did mean I could take lots of photos of him.
If you click this photo you can see a really up close shot.

Overwhelmed by the beauty and vastness of the park, I texted K to tell her my thoughts.  She wrote back and told me to visit Pembroke Lodge (where she got married) and have a tea and scone -with clotted cream and jam, of course- overlooking the city below.  The views were lovely.  So were the flowers.  If you don't know by now, I am a bit of a sucker for them.  I just can't get enough of the variety here.  I will say that looking through my pics, my purple preference does tend to be quite obvious. 

Around the corner from the Lodge is King Henry's Mound.  From here you can see St. Paul's Cathedral through this telescope.  It's ten miles away! And yet it is perfectly clear and framed by rows of trees which make it look as if it is the only building in London.  Apparently this view is protected.  No building is allowed to impede it.  According to the sign, seven such views exist in London.  Consider the gauntlet thrown down!

Quick explanation of how the view is possible

On the way out of the park I saw this view which was also pretty spectacular.  St. Pauls, the Eye, the Gherkin, the Shard (just out of the shot)

Wandsworth Bridge.  One thing I enjoy about London is the contrast.  Not too long before I was very much in the country.  This is very much the city (no, not the City, just the city).  From here I cycled back toward home and happened to intersect with a bit of the Notting Hill Carnival.  Yet another - and completely different - version of the city full of dancing, hip swinging and feathers.  I was not planning to go again this year but after spending a few minutes in it I can't not.  I just wish I hadn't left my good glitter at home.  I could have had a fab outfit!!!

And now for today's installment of dirty places I've been:

Shepherd's Bush
Spankers Hill Wood
and let's not forget playing with the telescope on King Henry's Mound!

Lastly, for those of you who like maps and such, here is where I went.