Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Baby Rae

A couple of weeks ago I tasked Erin with naming my new bike.  I am quite pleased (though not surprised) at her thoroughness and ability to come up with many layers of meaning.  Meet Rae: 

Rae is short for Rachel which in Hebrew (shoutout to my Jewish pals, Sara and Yafit) means Ewe.  If you know much about me, you know about my Gram and how much I loved her and why I have a sheep tattoo in her honor (or honour as my spell check insists on me saying).  

In Erin's words "Sheep remind you of your beautiful Gram who watches over you always, especially as you speed through busy streets like the RAYs of light from the sun...too much?"  I wish I could say I am that speedy but alas I am still slowly chugging along.  

As with any good recipe, the last layer should always include BBQ sauce.  So I chose to give her the elongated title (for her official pedigree papers, of course) of Sweet Baby Rae.  Mmmmmmm......bbq.