Sunday, January 9, 2011

Favorite of 2010

My plan was to write a post about this weekend.  But there was something in it that tied to a post from last year so I began digging for that.  Then that reading turned into wanting to do another post about the posts involving the anticipation of my move to England.  And somehow in all this archive reading I re-read the post from K & J's wedding in June.

I officially dub THIS as the best post of the 2010.  This honor comes not from my judgement of the writing itself being anything special but from the nostalgia of the weekend.  In the midst of a lot of crazy/busy in my life, Alex and I spent a weekend with two wonderful people and a group of their fantastic friends and family in a GORGEOUS place doing all kinds of lovely, relaxing, outdoorsy things.  Sooooooooo much fun :)