Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mix Tape

Most of you reading this remember the days of mix tapes.  I spent hours upon hours making these when I was young.  I hardly owned any music as a kid so I would wait until the song I wanted came on the radio and record it.  Then I would move them from one tape to another to get them in the right order.  Now we drag and drop and forget how fun they are to make and how much people appreciate the effort.

For my A-Team (minus E) going away party last year Brandon, Alex, Sara, and I went on a road trip to Vegas.  My feelings about Vegas aside, I had a really good time with them and we listened to some good tunes on the drive.  One CD was a compilation put together for Sara called Gang Starr.  It's full of some pretty chill songs so I thought I would share the love and give you my tops from it.

Chains by Rugged Man from Die Rugged Man Die  (In the list of top three road-trip songs of all time.  As you listen, imagine yourself on a straight road, cruise-control set as this landscape passes by your window)

Work by Gang Starr from Moment of Truth and Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr

What's Up Fatlip by Fatlip from The Lonliest Punk

Let the Spirit by Roots Manuva from Slime and Reason

Banger by Blackalicious, G. Love, Lateef the Truth Speaker from Lemonade (Not sure why the video has to be of some dude playing a dude video game)