Thursday, July 1, 2010

The 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of my top two favorite holidays (tied with Thanksgiving, of course).  Tradition commands that I go to Sugarhouse Park to watch the show.  I know a secret spot which seems to be empty year after year no matter what time I arrive.  I believe the reason everyone overlooks it is because a tall streetlight stands between it and the field where the fireworks are launched.  The funny thing about fireworks, however, is that they shoot a tad bit higher than a streetlight.  I lie on my back, the smell of fresh-cut grass all around, and take in the show.  I love it.

Next year at this time, I will be living in the country we fought against to earn our right to this great holiday.  Needless to say, they don't celebrate it.  The funny thing is, I won't be able to celebrate the usual way this year either.  Don't get me wrong, it will probably be a lot of fun but it won't be normal.  I'll be in Vegas with the A-team (minus E).  We're headed down Saturday so we'll be there for the whole day of the 4th.  If Vegas were not the flithy* rat-trap that I know it is, I would envision the strip full of people having BBQs and chatting with each other over a cold beer and a sloppy joe (don't let the reality of the 104 degree weather or the fact that Vegas represents the opposite of "community" distract you from this fantasy).  Kids would throw frisbees or play football with their dads.  The boys (and us tom girls) would have a whole arsenal of fireworks to play with until the big show.  They'd throw smoke bombs in the street, scare their little sisters with poppers, or (my favorite daytime "firework") watch worms crawl their way across the sidewalk.  Music would fill the air (but not that patriotic stuff-that's one downside to the holiday-it would be happy, fun, exciting, make-you-want-to-dance-in-the-street music).  At one point, the firemen would open the hydrant and let us all run through the fountain to cool off.  Basically it would be Sugarhouse Park meets The Strip but with honking cabs instead of grass and trees and a dash of New York City legend in the mix just to spice it up.  In reality it will be nothing like this but I am still excited to see the city of lights lit up even more than usual and to do it with some of my favorite people makes it that much better.  

*it may seem as if this is spelled wrong, but in our house that's how it's said.