Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Music on My Mind

I recently discovered Mika and really dig his style (perhaps it's his obvious love of Freddie).  The first song that won me over was Billy Brown which I find to be such a sad but true tale.  After I heard that song, I searched for more of his stuff and came across Grace Kelly which sounded incredibly familiar so I'm sure I heard it before but didn't know who it was. 

In anticipation of my move I have been attempting to put together an appropriate play list for the plane ride.  The problem is I want new stuff for a new life and new world but it's hard to know what is out there if I haven't heard it before (hint: I could use suggestions if you have them).  I do know that Breathe Me by Sia will be the first on that list.  It was featured on the series finale of Six Feet Under during the sequence where Claire leaves her family to find her way on her own in New York.  For reasons I can't seem to pin down this song really speaks to me right now.  I cry almost every time I hear it but it's a good cry; the kind of cry that is hopeful and excited with a hint of uncertain anxiety and a dash of healthy fear.  (side note: interestingly enough, the actress who plays Claire was 27 when that episode aired...oh and she was born Feb 20th).