Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunny in San Diego

At this moment, I am sitting on my sister's couch eating chips & salsa and pondering more things than I can count.  I want to write about my thoughts on where I'll be this time next week. I want to tell you about Frank's birthday on Friday and the surprise we pulled off there.  I want to contemplate the possible meanings of and answers to Inception.  I want to give a shout out to my buddy E who turned 25 this week and is super awesome and fantabulous.  I want to skip writing and tear into season 5 of the Wire.  I want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day.  I want to give you my thoughts as to what I want to get out of my new life in London.  I want to share my feelings about my Gram's memorial service this weekend.  I want to learn how to use my new camera so I can take awesome pics.  I want to learn how to take awesome pics.  I want to learn how to make salsa this tasty.  I want to let my friends know I will miss them intensely.  I want my sister's computer to not have the settings it does so I can figure out how to actually post pictures on here.  I want to put up a post about my trips to Alabama, Vegas, and Montana.  I want to work on my budget for school.  I want to figure out how to get the new-jeans-rubbing-off-on-my-new-purse stain to go away.  I want to stop eating these chips.  I want to keep eating these chips.  I want to invent a machine that allows me to get more time out of the day or let me live to be a hundred without getting older than, say, thirty.  I want to be settled in SOMEWHERE.  I want to find a great place to live that's bright and sunny and happy and fun and close to school and reasonably priced and lovely.  I want to drink tea in my new home.  I want to eat Onken!!!!  I want to take a nice long bath.  I want you to immediately get the pun in my post title.  I want my sister to be home so we can chat because I a) love her soooo much. b) think she's wonderful and sweet and kind and caring and funny and witty and lovely. c) am SOOOOO excited for her to be as excited as she is right now because she deserves it more than most people in the world. d) absolutely LOVE our chats; we have ourselves a good time. e) wish she didn't have to work.  Ever again.  I wish she could do what she loves and is passionate about.  I want to figure out how to get the blog gadget to work because it so isn't right now.  I want to organize my pictures.  I want to do absolutely nothing for at least one hour.  I want everyone to know how much it helped to get all these free flowing, chaotic thoughts out of my head.  Thanks!