Friday, January 7, 2011

I might be a little drunk...

Dear "cute" MBA student who insists on repeatedly kissing my cheek and telling me "every day is christmas with Noelle," just a few things.....

a) Fist of all! I DON'T want my man clean-shaven, in a suit, at an office.  I want him scruffy, in a T-shirt, in a garden so this is not going to happen.  
b) DON'T call my well-educated, well-read, intelligent friend "darling" in that "oh little girl" way.  Just don't.  And DON'T call her naive and tell her she hasn't read anything about anything, because she has and understands it more than you do.
c) really???? Christmas??? That's all you can come up with????

Dear Jeff Tweedy:  I know you are married with kids and all and I would never want to interfere with that but can we make a deal? Can we agree that three times in the course of my life I can call you up at any time and have you come over, play your guitar, and sing me to sleep with your sweet/sad songs?  Deal????

Dear tiny bottle of Cartier Champagne from Patrick O'sullivan O'rourke O'malley: Thank you for existing!

Dear E: I love the name for my bike :) I miss you and heart you a million zillion times over!

Dear Doc Chiro:  Please please please come and make my neck better.  I will buy you and your sassy gal a round for it!