Friday, December 4, 2009

I Need a Thing

When I was nine, I wrote to all the embassies in New York and asked them if they would send me a flag of their country. It was amazing. Not only did I get a bucket full of flags (from toothpick sized - thanks Australia - to huge wall sized ones - Go Canada!), but also books, pictures, brochures, videos, and more with information about every country you could image. At an age where I looked forward to my birthday just because I actually got something in the mail, I was rolling in packages. Every day our mailbox was overflowing with overstuffed envelopes for me to eagerly rip open. The whole thing was my dad's idea really. He had a friend who did the same thing when they were in school so he thought it would be a fun project. That it was.

Since graduation, I have been busy but I haven't had much purpose. I caught up on some great TV shows (the wire, the office, coupling, and more) and spent some much-needed catch up time with friends. Nevertheless, I don't feel like I am working toward anything and its a little boring  (yes, I know I have a lot of planning to do but it doesn't really take up that much time).  Last week, I read the One Cent Stand blog and laughed my ass off. The guy's resolution was to buy 100 stamps and send 100 letters. That's it, but boy are they hilarious. Reading the responses he received made me remember how fun it was to do that kind of thing. So, what I am getting at is, I need a thing. Something to work on, something to be excited about, something fun. I would say, "Throw out some suggestions!" but only two people read this as far as I know (though they are awesome and may have some awesome ideas :). If you have any suggestions please tell me. I'll keep thinking and let you know what I come up with.