Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Thing

I posted previously about finding "a thing" to work on.  Along with planning for my upcoming move (a story I will write about momentarily), my thing has become training for the Century Bike Ride.  The ride covers 100 miles from the state fair grounds to Antelope Island and back.  I began training last week and am happy to say that I have only missed one day so far (it's a six day a week workout plan so don't be too disappointed in me).  If all goes as planned (including making up the 10 miles from my missed day last week), I will be covering a total of 2012 miles over the 16 weeks of training.  Sounds ridiculous right now, but as I slowly tick the days off it feels more and more do-able.  The first long ride was on Saturday; 30 miles total.  This week it goes up to 36.  Until the ride Saturday, my longest ride to date was 25 miles (the day I biked to Lagoon and wasn't able to sit comfortably for about a week).  I am happy to report my derriere has recovered and is no longer sore after those long rides.  At least not for now :).  Because of the inversion, I have been riding on my stationary bike indoors (and spending some quality time with Omar and String).  Once things start melting a bit, I will once again make my way to the Legacy Parkway ride on my dear bike Seven.  I sense she is eager to get out of the laundry room and feel the cool breeze on her slender frame once again.  I am considering participating in the 25 mile ride that accompanies the Salt Lake City Marathon as well to get the feel for doing a big group ride.  That takes place about a month before the Century so I should be well up to the task of a ride that long.  Wish me luck!