Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thoughts While Studying

Bras.  Bras are why men are more "successful" in all things that require long-term sitting: computer programming, executive meetings, courtroom squabbling.  They don't have to wear bras!  Today is a no bra day and let me just say,  I'm much more focused.  Other than writing on this here blag during short breaks, I have been plugging away since 8:00 am with far less distraction than normal.  I am 100% sure this is due to the fact that I have no article of clothing that insists on constantly reminding me of its presence.  Yes, I am wearing clothes.

I have a desperate desire to play my flute.  Embarrassingly I would probably start with Christmas music.  How horrible is that?  I am not a fan of 80% of the Christmas music on the market.  I've been jaded by years of it being sung to me year round.  But I've sat in cafes for two days with nothing but horrible X-mas pop pumped into my ears.  It's making me crave the good, classic melodies.  Also I haven't played for a few months now which always creates a panic because I don't want to forget how to do it.  This should be rectified next year with my 30/30 challenge though as it includes "play in a band again."  

I was just publicly defeated by the complexity of my sweater. 

I am looking forward to spending entire days in cafes reading words someone else wrote. 

When I see old people who are bound by the limitations of a dilapidated body, I feel the need to run out the door and not stop until I'm young again. 

The fact that plates and slaves are the same in text-speak doesn't seem like a big deal, but it has led to some near misses lately. 
- I know it sucks!!!  Maybe we could buy some cheap plates and smash them to bits tonight!!!