Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Noodle Soup aka Birthday Bliss

Warning: I am as of yet unable to include photos and am also sending this via my kindle so excuse the typos, weird punctuation and lack of visual effects :)

On my 29th birthday I woke to yafit's gentle nudge hoping to.rouse me in time to see the absolutely stunning island of koh Nang Yuan. Giant boulders ringing a lush, tropical paradise. Clear waters. Bungalows balanced on the rocks. This was going to.shape up to be one of the best birthdays anyone could ask for. After docking on koh Tao, we decided to head south to stay in the chalok bay area. After some browsing for rooms we settled op the carabao hotel. 200baht (£4/$6) a night each got us a room right on the beach. Not exactly a Marriott but a bed with a fan, hot shower, and sometimes functioning Internet is a pretty sweet deal I think!!

Aby enjoying the taxi ride to the hotel.

After a quick refresher we decided it was high time we saw the high tide at freedom beach. I think you might agree that celebrating a birthday with a tasty lunch of fresh pineapple juice and delicious green curry followed by a strawberry daquiri while opening a gift as sweet as the drink on a small, quiet, gorgeous beach could be one of life's greatest presents. And yet there was more fun to be had even after all that!!

Tasty pink drinks sipped while opening presents.
Freedom Beach

Gorgeous green curry. 
Yafit and I swam out around the point to see what was to be seen. For those of you who know anything about water and me you would have been proud to see me starting a new year of my life pushing my limits to a whole new place. I suppose I should say having yafit push my limits. She made me keep going despite my freak outs and it was well worth it - and was the equivalent of a free therapy session!

The three of us spent the afternoon attempting to read on the beach but were so relaxed we couldn't stay awake. We napped away the afternoon before finally being real people and walking around to take in some views. What a beautiful island!! For dinner I really shook things up and had yellow curry and a fresh coconut shake at a local restaurant that our new friend Jose recommended. I was feeling the toil.of the day in my back so.for desserttreated myself to a one hour Thai massage - for a bank-breaking 250 baht (£5/$8). Then for real dessert I splurged on an apparently world-renowned pancake from the guy who is so famous he's on youtube AND facebook!! All in all a fairly decent birthday, yeah??!!

First Pina Colada of many.
World-famous (according to the guy who made it) banana rotti