Monday, August 17, 2009

The Graduate

Warning: Try as I might, I was unable to produce a continuous loop of "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" for your background music enjoying pleasure. So you will have to just imagine...

Last Saturday was a rite of passage for me (though if I am supposed to feel like a new person, it hasn't happened yet). My family and I, along with some of my wonderful friends, celebrated my graduation from the University of Utah. That's right, folks. I am now officially a graduate. No attractive older gentlemen tried to seduce me that evening, unfortunately. But we had a grand ole time nonetheless.

Before I show you all the bawdy and incriminating photos, there are stories to be told. More like A story, I suppose but if I say A Story then it sounds like it should be something really good. Something worth hearing. It really isn't but I had some pics to show you so I will tell you about them.
On Thursday evening, as we were making our second round to the airport for family arrivals, we had an unplanned adventure. I noticed a torrent pouring out from my parents shrubberies (must be said with a shrill British accent). My mom and I tried, to no avail, to shut it off using every method we could think of. After exhausting our options, we decided it must be a water main issue. So the city came out and fixed it up. That sounds like it happened quickly, and it really wasn't too long once we got the right people. The biggest delay was due to us trying to figure out whom to call. I'll save you the step in the future. The Department of Public Utilities. In the meantime, a house full of 14 people had no running water.

And now on to the matter at hand. The Party...

My mom and I highlighting her culinary masterpiece

Chris and Charity

The kids

Rueben Loaf. Actually from earlier in the week but it was sooo yummy!!!

Catch Phrase: A guaranteed laugh fest

Holly, Cody, Alex, Me, Chris, Charity

I have no idea

My cute parents

How dare you give me a flower?