Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The problem with blogging is that once I start, I think in blog.  I want to talk about everything.  To share the funny things that happen during the day, to gush about the exciting things coming up, and to escape from the fears and stresses I have. I frequently think of things I want to post and write notes for when I have time later.  But when later comes I think, "no one else will find that as funny/interesting/thought provoking as I did, so maybe not."  (Even on my own blog I am afraid of bothering people with too many posts.  Not that anyone other than a few close friends really reads this).  My friends in the photography business say that you should only show people your best photos so they think you are a brilliant photographer.  There are thousands of pics they never share.  I sometimes feel that's how blogs should be; the most interesting stories in your life.  How does one know which tales are the best though without sharing them all and letting other people be the judge.  Besides, they may be silly posts but they make me smile and hopefully they do the same for you from time to time.  So I will post away with reckless abandon : )