Thursday, March 24, 2011

I can't believe it has been a month since I have had the time to properly write.  Not ok.  I have sat down so many times to chat about life, the universe, and everything only to get pulled away to work on something for school or my internship or whatever.  I don't want to only write token bits and pieces so I find myself needing some real time to write and it just hasn't been happening.

Since I last wrote, I....

  • went home for a week and giggled til I cried, drank til I passed out, and punned til I felt dirty.
  • surprised Alex in the frosting aisle and my dad at La Puente. 
  • ate breakfast at the Park Cafe with my parents (and Lindsey :) and had some amazing french toast with perfect strawberry jam
  • joined two book clubs in London.  I have yet to go to the actual meetings but for this month I am reading:
    • Coconut Unlimited - for the book club at Sacred Cafe which has become my new study cafe since Foyles is much more of a social cafe and I could never get much done there. 
    • Frankenstein - for the North London Reading Group I have been trying to join for a while.  I am a bit daunted by Frankenstein but I have the most time for that one so that will help. 
    • Norwegian Wood - going to a screening of the new movie coming out so I want to read the book first! 
    • The Book Thief - that was just for fun.  Recommended! (both the fun and the book)
  • rearranged my room and now somehow have a TON more space
  • bought two cool maps to put up in the new blank space on my wall so I can mark everywhere I have been
  • participated in the organization of a big event with my internship and loved every minute of it!!! (well maybe not the minutes spent trying to get the printer to work or the formatting to do what I wanted but you know what I mean)
Things have been busy but in very good and exciting ways. :)  More to come once I am home and settled into my writing spot for the evening!  

I will leave you with my thoughts while sitting at the cafe this afternoon: 

"I'll take Looking Like a Loser for $400, Alex."  Answer: Blowing your nose repeatedly next to his table or wearing a bike helmet and flashing lights.  "What are Ways to Limit Your Flirting Abilities?"  Correct.  We would have also accepted, "How to Not Get Laid?"