Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sometimes when I study my mind explodes in a frenzy of clicks; linking together what I read with what I've always considered underlying truths.  It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, my views of the world do have some relevance.  I just need to hear other people articulate them, validate them, and it propels me into a new realm where I can see a lifetime of connections and feel that fantastic momentum of unfolding enlightenment.  Beyond a simple lightbulb, my realization is a crack of lightening.  The thoughts branch and arc and link, feeding each other, sizzling with excitement.  And in an instant they fade.  Striving to ensure the permanence of such ephemeral revelations, my notebook becomes a spiderweb of scrawls and scratches as I try to pin down the wisps of interlinking thoughts.  My only hope is to have a pen on hand at that exact moment.  Today I succeeded.