Sunday, April 8, 2012

Travel Lesson #1

Traveling alone as a woman has taught me that many many people live their lives in a world heavily restricted by unneccesary and irrational fears. Countless times I have been told - oh no, don't do that!! It's not safe! Or my favorire - it's not safe for you. Haha! What the hell is that about?!

I fell for this many times in India. I didn't know how things worked and of course I wanted to be aware of any real threats to my person. But I see now how often these "real dangers" are complete bollocks. By the end of my time in India I had done every single thing I had been told not to. And those things were 100% more interesting, more exciting, more adventurous, and yet felt 100% safe.

As often happens in life, the second you try something you are scared of and see the reality of how it works and how it will play out, you see what the actual risks might be - and they are almost always far less (if they exist at all!) than what other people, or even you, got into your head.

So if there is something you want to do, educated yourself with as many knowable facts as you can and take other people's advice as a well intention means of keeping your life as bland as theirs. If your reasearch makes you think you can do it and your guts feel the same then take the dive and ignore any advice that doesn't add up with what you know. You'll have a much more enjoyable ride!!!