Monday, May 14, 2012

Aaaaand we're back!

In my first 24 hours back in SLC, I:
  • ate a homemade meal 
  • got a little bit tipsy with my dad on Yellowtail Shiraz
  • was greeted with both the largest marshmallows I have seen in my life as well as the biggest pile of Peeps I have seen outside a grocery store display - all completely crunchy and delicious!
  • struggled to make the decision between French Toast Foolishness and Huevos Mexicanos at Park Cafe
  • confirmed that Liberty Park still exists but walked the perimeter just to verify 
  • strolled through the biggest Harmon's ever to exist
  • laughed with my favorite of Alexes
  • drank tap water! And, even better, used the crushed ice machine in the new fridge!
  • took a long, hot shower
  • drove - and was completely freaked out every time I turned left across traffic
  • motorboated a pile of fresh laundry
Not too shabby for a first day back, eh!?

As I type, I am downloading my photos to be sorted, rated, and edited.  Hopefully that means they will be posted soon as well.  I know, I know.  I keep saying this.  But NOW I don't have to worry about the cost of internet cafes OR the likelihood that the power will go out at the worst possible moment.  So hopefully this time things will work out and you can FINALLY see some travel pics!!!