Friday, April 2, 2010

Bag Check

As I walked to work this morning, I noticed that my bag was particularly heavy.  Normally, I carry a book or two, some food for work, and my wallet.  When I got to work, I decided to inspect the contents:

1 Notebook - 3 Subject
1 Small Tupperware container full of polenta for breakfast
1 Book - The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
1 Wallet containing the following:
     $.18 in change
     1 packet birth control
     1 Debit Card
     1 Library card
     1 Ride UTA pass
     1 HSA debit card
     1 ISIC Card
     4 Subway gift cards, most likely empty
     2 Insurance cards
     2 Coffee Garden punchcards (one yellow, one blue)
     1 Tea Grotto Punchcard
     2 Megaplex Gift cards - most likely full
     1 KUER Member card
     1 Max Brenner Business Card (amazing restaurant!!!!)
     1 Starbucks Music Pick of the Week Card
     2 Perfect Travel Business Cards - Weirdest place ever
     1 UCard - Regretabbly, Staff not Student
     2 Fidelty Gift Cards, mostly empty
     $40 cash
     1 Capital One credit card - cut in half
     1 Barnes & Noble Gift card - mostly empty
     2 Rent Checks
     Receipts: London Market - Pickle!!
                    Max Cafe, NYC - I would live here if I lived near here
                    Sunflower market - YUM!!
                    Original Pancake House
                    3 Smith's
                    Library Check Out - The Plague Due 4/12
     1 Appointment reminder for tattoo April 12th!!!!!!
1 Can refried beans - Spicy Jalepeno - Note that I have no can opener
1 Journal
1 Bottle Bio-oil
1 Pair of socks
1 empty envelope
1 post-it with reminders
1 Ben & Jerry's Chunk mail sign-up card
Receipts: 1 Barnes & Noble
               1 English Garden
               4 Smith's
1 Empty ziplock bag - sandwich size
2 Cute purple pens
1 Red pan
1 Lock for the gym

Phew! Fewer things will be going back in the bag than what I pulled out.  What happened here?  I used to be the girl who carried the purse that barely fit her phone and wallet.  I think E has some kind of blame here.  I'm sure of it.  Until I lived with her, I did not see the value in carrying books everywhere always but now it's a habit, as are my journal and notepad.  I was so excited to be done with carrying a back pack but it seems that nothing has changed. Sigh.