Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Cool Club

For those of you who don't know, I participate in a bi-monthly book club with several of my friends (all very smart, fun, and well-read). Some weeks, it may be hard for an outsider to determine if books or Franzia are the true core of our meetings, but either way we have a grand 'ole time. The club began May 11th, 2009 with the book Madam Bovary. Since then, we have read many different genres and styles. What I like best is that the book club is a true democracy. We vote on the books, we decide what mood we're in (if we need a break from books about weighing poo or the holocaust), and we take everyone's ideas into consideration.

It is because of the varied tastes of our group that we have been exposed to so many great reads. I am glad I've had the chance to spend time with such interesting people and get to know them and their reading styles over the last year. It is something I will truly miss. In the hope that I might have some free time in London, Chris and I set up a blog so everyone participating remotely (I'm not the only one) can have a central location to make comments, suggestions, or whatever else they choose. We will also have a calendar with postings as to the location for each meeting and a snack assessment (perhaps a signup sheet? we're not sure how that part will work quite yet).

Without further ado, we present It's About Balloons!!!! Please feel free to go back and reminisce about the past reads, comment if you want to, and see what we have on the table for the next couple weeks. Since the beginning of the club, we have tried (though lately it's been a stretch) to find a link between the current book and Madam Bovary so if you have any suggestions, post away. Also, due to one line in The Echo Maker (something about licking his armpit like a kitten, I believe??? Kelly, you will have to correct me if I have that wrong) we are also seeking suggestions as to The Least Erotic Line from the current read.

Thanks for reading with us!!!!