Monday, June 14, 2010

Dolce Far Niente

While I would like to say I have been living a life of "pleasant idleness" since my resignation from the corporate world last week, that is far from the truth.

This week, I began my foray into the realm of Bikram yoga.  As a beginner, I am given ten days to go as frequently as I see fit.  Friday was my first day.  All I wanted to do was die and vomit.  In that order.  It was one of the most physically challenging feats I have undertaken.  Sunday, however, I felt amazing.  The poses were easier and, more importantly, I didn't once feel the need to add my stomach contents to the already sweat-drenched floor (yeah, it is a little gross).  I am beginning to see why people get all crazy about the sport.  The heat gets your muscles to relax more deeply than I could have imagined.  I feel incredibly rejuvenated after the session and motivated to focus even more on eating well so I don't undo all the work I did in the morning.

On an administrative note, I am getting closer and closer to London.  Today I set up my PO Box and Storage unit.  I've been packing for the last two days and am feeling overwhelmed by how much more there is to do.  Due to Kristen's wedding (yay!) and my trip to Bama (yay!) I have to have my house packed and ready to move before I leave this Sunday.  Yeah.  You read that right.  That means I have five days.  I can do this.  (she says, first with a heavy sigh then a renewed vigor, punching her fist in the air in as a sign of her triumph over the seemingly-insurmountable obstacle).

My niece is in town for about three weeks so my new-found freedom has allowed me to spend some quality time with her.  I'm a fan of that :).  She is such an adorable, fun, sweet kid.  Kid.  HA!  She'll be 13 on Wednesday.  Crazy stuff.  We spent the day together yesterday.  She happily took on all the tasks I needed help with in the morning and entertained me with stories of her friends from Kentucky in the evening.  Her mom and brother are arriving in about an hour.  It'll be nice to have them around too but spending some one on one time with her has been pretty awesome. :)

Well gang, that's the news for the day.  Until later.