Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tina's Party

Last Saturday, the adorable and wonderful Ms. Tina Trombi held a going away party for me in her fantastic yard.  Fellow Fidelity friends joined me to share a drink and a laugh.  I had a wonderful time seeing everyone outside our usual work setting.  Angie: You are awesome! I wish we had spent more time together before now.  You are so funny!  Jacob: Well done picking Angie.  She is pretty rad.  (oh, and you are too :) thanks for coming!)  Judy: You constantly fascinate me.  I need to get the name of your friend's blog again about the aid foundations.  It sounded genuinely intriguing.  Jordan:  It was great to spend more time with you.  Keep in touch!  Hiedie:  You looked adorable and your boy seemed like a winner.  Thumbs up all around.  Glad I got to see you :)  Tina:  Thank you!!!!  You rock.  Your yard is gorgeous and lovely and relaxing.  Your company is unmatchable.  Your food was delicious.  Thanks again!!!