Sunday, May 22, 2011

Come What May

Somehow it has been a month again.  How does that happen?!  The last few weeks saw me finish up the term (with good grades even), read a few novels, meet some new friends, spend time with some old ones, and successfully navigate a whirlwind tour of southwest Britain.  The following is a brief overview of the latter.  I would think of this as a random sampling rather than a proper narrative.  In no particular order, let me present our British Road Trip!  (click photos for larger versions)

The old library in Cardiff hosts an exhibition with two parts: an historic overview of the city and a selection of contemporary art by locals.  This graphic summed up the city for me really well.  I didn't expect to like Cardiff as much as I did, but the people were so friendly and the atmosphere so lively that it really grew on me.  Definitely recommend a visit., the children's section of the new library is pretty awesome.  With its own entrance and lots of squishy sitting bubbles, it inspired us to kick out the little ones and claim it as our own. 

Ahhhhhh the Sally Lunn Bun.  I don't remember this being such a tourist attraction; it was just a place my family knew about.  Now it's advertised in every corner a tourist might happen to look.  At least they haven't cut down on the size in their selling out phase.  Still pretty freakin delicious! 

Is there anything more classy than drinking wine out of a Nutella jar?  Yes there is but even we have our limits.  

Bath after a shower.  Stunningly beautiful and ever so charming. 

The best part about spending a night on a farm is the farmer.  First we had a full English with farm-fresh eggs, farm-fresh milk, and local Somerset honey.  Then he gave us a tour of the dairy farm.  


Flowers in Clovelly

Yafit trying to find refuge from the wind.  

A giant, endless wheat field waving in the wind?  Yeah, you would have done it too.

Padstow.  I basically wake up every morning now wishing I could walk along this coastline.  Perfection 

St. Ives 

Land's End.  Such different terrain from the east coast.  

I know it was only one tree in the movie, but this reminded me of the Shawshank Redemption.

Postbridge - post ice cream

Anya loving a horsie

Exeter Cathedral

The Shire

Bluebell season is fabulous

Peat bogs?  Parts of Dartmoor definitely reminded me of Ireland..

Flowers in Padstow 

Back in Cardiff.  Anya and I spent two hours wandering around the park - which is vast.  Rather than taking my chances on the rope swing over the river behind me, I opted for the les-adventurous tree pose.  Still kind of wish I had tried the swing though.....