Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Don't Have to Say the Song Title for You to Get it Stuck in Your Head

The world is small tiny.


I went to see my family today for the Easter celebrations.  We enjoyed an amazing home-cooked meal, the sun, and pleasant conversation for the afternoon.  Absolutely splendid.  After our tea, Doug was talking about his brothers recent visit from Japan.  His band is currently doing a European tour and stopped to stay with Doug et al.  After telling us the stories of watching their gig in Brighton, he pulled out a camera to show us photos of the band.  The second I saw the photo I knew exactly where two of those band members had been at 7:15 the evening before.  On Marylebone High Street asking me for directions to Great Portland Street station.  Crazy? Yes.  Improbable?  Yes.  The story of my life in London?  Most definitely.

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