Tuesday, April 19, 2011


6:30  wake up and make a delicious breakfast and prepare my dinner (lunch was prepped last night)
7:15  leave the house and cycle to school/gym
8:00-9:00  workout so hard my whole body is completely exhausted and yet somehow energized 
9:00-9:20  shower and get ready for the day
9:30-10:30 prepare a presentation for class
10:30-11:30  read Robinson Crusoe on a bench in the sun (at least 70 degrees today) at Regent's Park
11:30 fall asleep reading in the park 
12:30 wake up and force myself to go indoors and get mentally ready for class
1:00 arrive at class for prof to explain that today is far to gorgeous to waste indoors so let's head out for the second half at 3:00
3:00-5:00 settle into a cozy little outdoor space and discuss human rights law with the sun on our back and a gentle breeze floating pink petals all around us
5:00 discuss with prof my interest in doing a thesis on human rights and have him tell me he would be happy to be my advisor
5:15 meet up with friends at KFC and eat the previously mentioned pre-packed dinner instead of ordering a Zinger (even though I LOVE them and they aren't available in the states anymore and I had no idea until today they are here) - success!
5:45-6:30 walk through Regent's Park with friends and take in the sun, the breeze, the trees and the life
6:45-9:00 meet with strangers to have an in-depth discussion about Frankenstein
9:00-9:30 cycle home

A pretty fantastic day!!!