Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day (the real one)

This year I am celebrating Pi Day in transit. I am writing this at the Bangkok airport after my flight in this morning from Chiang Mai. From here I go to Kuala Lumpur for a short layover before boarding the last leg of my journey today to Delhi.

I spent several hours yesterday doing research on travel in India and it got me really excited to get there! For now, the plan looks something like:

Delhi - probably just one day, maybe two
Agra - for the Taj Mahal
Rajasthan - visit a couple of the royal cities over the course of a week
Dharamsala - another week in this area, check out the Tibetan section and also make a side trip to the Golden Palace to spend a night
Varanasi - depending on trains i may have a stop over in Delhi for another day on the way here, then a week in this city - from here I will make my way to Nepal for the last month of the trip!

It's a lot for only a few weeks but I'm hoping I can get it all in and still be able to chill out with some new folk along the way and experience different sides of Indian culture and geography.

I can't believe I've been in Thailand almost a month now (26 days). According to my calculations *sounds of pen, paper, and calculator chattering in the background* as of today my journey is 33.33% over. Crazy! I am excited to see what the remaining two months will have to show me.

PS. For those detail-orient(at)ed people, you can rest assured that while the post date says March 13, it is, in fact, March 14 in Bangkok.