Monday, August 27, 2012

Context Clues

I am a big fan of collecting quotes of the day. I just love looking back on them and laughing until I snort/cry/drool all over again. Sometimes it takes me a minute to remember the context and it makes them even more bizarre and hilarious. I thought I would flick through my notebook and share a few with you. (You can highlight between the brackets below the quotes to get the context - I know I always read ahead when I'm curious so I'm hiding it for cheating readers like me). WARNING: it's heavy on Nepal my travel journals are the ones I currently have with me. One day I will stop talking about it. Not soon though. ;)

"It was painful, but it was surprisingly acceptable."
[Markus referring to having his foot run over by a car.]

"There is dog cheese?!"
[My niece misunderstanding something my brother said. Still not sure what he actually did say.]

"Why does it always hurt when I'm with you?"
[Me referring to Alex and the fact that I always get a sideache from laughing so damn hard with him. I have been mocked ever since lol]

"It feels so awesome to not be walking right now."
[Meaghan after our first day on the trek.]

"I have a serious problem to move my legs."
[Markus after our first day on the trek.]

"It's going to be a struggle to have this mandatory dinner."
[At all the guest houses on the trek we had to make a deal to eat there for dinner and breakfast in order to get free rooms. On our first day in Manang we were so excited to eat apple pies and cinnamon rolls and burgers at the local cafes that we ruined our appetites for dinner. This was Evan's thoughts on the matter when we had to consider eating again. He avoided our required dinner by passing out in the room early. Clever.]

"Halloween is cool; I'll keep on walking."
[Evan explaining his various motivations while hiking.]

"It's in Kentucky!!!! What do we do now???!?!?!"
[Chris' take on end-of-the-world-virus-takeover movies.]

"I hope I dream about this place...once in a while."
[Evan's opinions on the walk between Machhapuchhre and Annapurna Base Camps. I concur wholeheartedly.]

"I'm trying to get the coke back."
[Aby hating her whiskey and coke and wishing she could have selective tastebuds.]

"I just want to find some affordable apple Fanta."
[Evan again. It is what it says. Really it's all in the delivery but as I have the luxury of knowing that part too it just makes me giggle. You'll have to find him and friend him to see why these are true gems.]

"Something about him bugs me. What do you think? It might be his face."
[Yafit about some dude.]

"I blew my nose and something came out my eye."
[My mom. Hahahaha! I still can't read it and not laugh out loud.]

"Am I the total bitch??"
[Evan upon finding out he lost the round of Feudalism and now had to fork over to the King.]

"University Guest House, this is Alex." - "You rent out rooms for affairs, is that right?"
[A guy who wanted to hire a room to hold an event - not that kind of event.]

"You and your freaky spies leave me alone!"
[Stuart getting mad at me for knowing what he is wearing. All the time. From across town. Mwahahahahaha.]

"There's nothing lonelier than being a Jew on Christmas."
[Super Sad Sara explaining the plight of her people.]

"Did you see what he has?!?! It's big!!"
[Yafit about someone. I can't actually clarify what she was referring too because I did not, in fact,]

"Ziplines and Altitude Sickness: are rocket packs the answer?"
[The study Chris and I decided NEEDS to happen in the Himilayas.]

"Three cheers for the adverb!!"
[The Grammar Guy at Selfridges.]

"You want to try it? It's gross."
[Markus about Nepalese tea.]

"I don't know, man. It's got bits floating in it."
[Chris reply on the aforementioned tea.]

"We're moving into a shipping container in the jungle."
[Some strangers I met in Kathmandu.]