Friday, August 17, 2012

Six Months

Crazy as it may seem, today marks the six month anniversary of the beginning of my big adventure.
In that time I:

  • circumnavigated the globe
  • rode camels in India
  • explored canyons in Thailand 
  • crossed one of the highest passes in Nepal / the world
  • sent dozens of postcards around the world 
  • explored tent rocks in New Mexico
  • floated the Bitterroot in Montana
  • road tripped across Utah
  • hiked through ruins in Colorado 
  • saw everyone in my immediate family 
  • saw very nearly everyone in my extended family 
  • celebrated
    • two 1st birthdays
    • one 90th birthday
    • one 100 1/2 birthday
    • three graduations - representing four master's degrees
    • more July birthdays than I can count
  • ate disgusting amounts of curry, noodle soup, and nachos
  • learned all kinds of new card games - and a new favorite game night game (watch out, I have been known to break it out pretty regularly recently!)
  • cheered on teams USA and GB with equal gusto in rooms/parks full of screaming people 
  • and happily settled back into a life with a little more routine and down time - though we all know that can't last for long ;) 
It's been a pretty incredible ride.  It hasn't always been fun and it hasn't always been easy.  Some of the challenges I have faced in the last six months have been the hardest in my life.  Travel really is a crazy and unpredictable beast.  I can honestly say it pushed my physical, emotional, and mental boundaries in ways I never could have expected.  At times I hated it and wanted to go home.  At times I loved it and was overwhelmed with how incredibly blessed I am and how beautiful this world is.  It broke me down, it got me dirty, it scared me, it made me sick.  It strengthened my confidence, my resolve, and my understanding of the world.  It took me away from people and places I love.  It brought me new friends and opened room in my heart for wonderful new destinations.  

I've been lucky enough to share some of my experiences with many of you in person but there are still so many stories to tell.  My ability to post was severely limited by technology (particularly in Nepal - hard to do anything without power) and the fact that I was constantly on the go.  Looking back, I see that I did post more than I remember but not nearly as much as I wanted to.  In reading my posts I see hidden elements of other stories I didn't have time to share and allusions to post that never came.  So over the next few weeks I am going to fill in some of the gaps on some stories both small and large.  I look forward to reliving the memories with you :)