Sunday, November 7, 2010

And Though You're Gone

I posted THIS a few days ago because I am going through my regular, cyclical obsession with The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society.  I love this album.  I discovered through Spotify, however, that I was completely jipped with my version of it.  Apparently there are two bonus tracks I was not privy to:  Mr. Songbird and Days.  The first is as catchy and happy as Picture Book.  The second is in a league of its own.  Days is one of those songs that captures so much emotion with such elegant simplicity.  I can't listen to it without thinking of my Gram.  I won't bring down the mood by describing just how much I miss her and how often she crosses my mind.  This song captures that sense of loss but, more importantly, honors the times that people had together.  Were it not for the times we shared with people, we would have nothing to miss, right?  Ray just says it much more poetically.