Monday, November 1, 2010

Mind the closing Doors, Please. Mind the Doors.

I chose to reserve my judgements and refrain from posting on the British interpretations of Halloween until I experienced the holiday fully.  As it turns out, I was right from the beginning.  They haven't quite figured out the point.  I saw about 87 cats, 52 devils, and probably 156 dirty ho's but I think some of those might have just been people going out for the normal weekend.  We were the Underground lines: Circle, Northern, Waterloo, Hammersmith & City, and Victoria.  :)

From Left to Right: Waterloo, Victoria, Hammersmith & City, Circle, and Northern

Addendum Nov. 6th, 2010: The reason they suck at Halloween may be linked to the relationship they have with the 5th of November.  I'll let you decide. 


The head rubbing assassin said...

It looks like you've had this planned for a while. You might say you had this....circled on your calendar...

My Name is Not Nicole said...

I think it was more that our outfits were Victorious?