Thursday, November 4, 2010

Curly Cue has Flowers!

The first week I lived here I added a new plant to my life.  Meet Curly Cue (he goes by Cue for short).  As it turns out he is a Chlorophytum, not just a curly grass as I originally assumed.  So imagine my surprise when he started growing an expected appendage (don't be dirty here people).  Even more exciting was the day that the shoot opened it's first tiny, delicate blossom (the one on the left in the photo).  I thought, "cool!  I'll take a pic in the morning and show it off to everyone."  But Cue was one step ahead of me again, and by the time I woke it had shriveled to nothing.  I waited four days for the next blossom to open so i could share it with you.  This one also lasted a short time but I was able to capture the moment.