Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Deary Me

We left for Cathy's a week ago today and I've still not posted the pics up.  Let's see a few, shall we?

The closest shot I could get of the plane dancer people.  The next pic is farther away but you can see them more clearly.
See the little people on top? At one point one of the planes turned upside down parallel to the other and those people touched hands.  Crazy, no? 
Mom, Cathy, and Ali
Doug and Freddie watching the planes together.  It was one of the few times Freddie was actually interested but a cute father/son moment nevertheless.  :)
Freddie living it up on the big monkey slide.  He looked incredibly tiny on that thing but he LOVED every minute of the eight he was allowed to play on it. 
The crowd.  Note to self: maybe don't bring Cami here. 
CANDY!  And yes.  I did.
The Red Arrows.  Absolutely entrancing -and at times terrifying- to watch!!!
In formation
Frank rocking the Pimm's
Frank and Frank sharing a drink at last :)
One of my favorite pubs in England!
The official sign for The Six Bells