Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Texts From Today

Things I wrote down that I wanted to text or send to Facebook as a status update at various times today.  A couple I was actually able to find an audience for.  Most I was not.  Several were for specific people.  You know who you are.  Some may have been more cider-induced than others.  I'm sure you'll sort it out:

"Oh my God! David Mitchell! That was David Mitchell!"

"Why can't I text my friends?!"

"This phone's battery has lasted a week and a half. That NEVER happens!"

"Maison Blanc :)"

"God I love raisins"

"My Peep Show thoughts would be so boring"

"You may be under the incorrect assumption that I moved here to better my life and myself.  It was actually to be in the background of more strangers' pictures"

"The Volunteer. Very D'Edgy.  No Fruili today :("

"Remember the day we drank a bunch of cider and watched Drop Dead Gorgeous then you dragged me to Beto's to get greasy greasy food and I almost threw up?  That was a good night"

"You know when your expression suddenly changes dramatically and you can feel your muscles rearrange themselves from neutral to total contentment?  That's a good feeling"

"You know the rolls you see on shaved mens' heads?  Do we all get that at some point?  Thank God we can't see it!"

"Why is it that when I'm drunk everyone else is just as drunk in my mind?"

"Has Rhianna damned cities like London and Seattle to a perpetual internal soundtrack of "under my umbrealla-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh?"