Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School (Tomorrow)

And now for the subject at hand.  Despite the appeal of never having obligations, I did not just move here to be a tourist.  I did, in fact, come for school.  My program starts tomorrow and many of you have asked about what classes I am taking.  Each semester is divided into two eight-week sessions (so basically quarters I suppose).  Each session we take two classes (only four hours of class time for each one each week so that's awesome!).

Fall Session 1:
Introduction to International Relations: "Students are introduced to the discipline of international relations through an overview of international security, foreign policy, international organizations, international law and international political economy.  Students Examine the basic structure, processes and issues relating to international affairs."

Area Studies (Latin America Focus): "The student examines the history, culture, politics, and economic systems of regions and countries that play an important role in world politics.  Specific content varies from term to term and includes regions such as Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and North America."

And for Fall 2:
Research Methods and Perspectives: "You will be introduced to skills, methodological issues and bibliographic resources, which enhance your ability to evaluate critically and to conduct research in the field of international relations."

Area Studies again but with a focus on the Middle East

And now for a tour of the school...

The bathrooms.  Oh wait, sorry.  The library.

The atrium and seating area

From the other side

The lovely ivy

The back entrance to the school cuts through a beautiful park area.  I found the entrance to this hidden little side garden today when I was roaming around.  I will definitely be studying here when the weather is nice.  The moment I walked through the gates I felt that amazing feeling of relaxation that only a sea of green can provide.  

Dibs!!!!  I licked it so it's mine.