Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pilates, Presentations, and Popping Zits

Not much exciting news to share today.  I went to my first studio class at the school gym.  Today was pilates.  Starting the day with lots of stretches just makes a gal feel good.  My abs are starting to feel the workout now which is awesome.  :)  Presented my case study on Costa Rica today in class so that's out the way, now just studying for the final which is a week from today.  I can't wait to be done but I feel that there is just so much to do.  I also have to find a way to get about 8 hours of work in at the school for my scholarship requirement.  Blah.  Too many things.  Hopefully next semester won't be as busy right up front so I can get the 20 hours out of the way from the beginning.  After school I went with Lindsey to get some delicious nachos for dinner and fabulous flan for dessert.  We had an entertaining and enlightening conversation about many things that won't be repeated here but needless to say it was a great way to unwind after a long couple of days.  Lastly, for your entertainment, here's a link to the new OK go video.  I happened to like this line in particular...Nothing ever doesn't change but nothing changes much.