Saturday, October 9, 2010

Um, Yes Please!

I must confess I like to be purposefully vague and cryptic in my blog posts and facebook updates.  As it turns out that leaves a lot of room for questions and interpretation (kind of the point I suppose).  Here's clarification about this post as it has been questioned...I spent far too much time this day looking at far too many blogs and time-suck websites.  These are the things I liked best :) 

Let us dissect: On a train in a remote place: check.  Reading in a language foreign to mine: check.  Perfect dark hair, dark stubble, and dark-framed glasses: check, check, and check.    

Yeah, this puppy loves him hard and there's just no way a puppy would love a person who isn't awesome.  Plus again, the hot and the reading just make this fantastic. 

You know when you LOVE a song?  As in REALLY LOVE a song?  You play it over and over and over and over and over hoping to absorb every last drop, every note, every fluctuation?  This is my new one of those songs...Who Says by John Mayer (I never promised it would be a respectable song, musically, or lyrically, or even this-guy-has-got-to-be-the-biggest-asshole-ely speaking but I love it).  Also, you may get in a bad habit of watching the video over and over and over because he is BEEEEautiful!  (see minute 2:45 in the video as proof of this statement.  As I explained to a friend, you will want to rip off his wife beater, clasp his tattooed bicep and jump in the pool.  Seek help immediately if you do not feel this way)