Sunday, October 31, 2010


On the last evening of No Jeans October, I have to say we rocked it pretty hard!  The hardest weeks for me were the first and last.  During our preparatory phase I really had no idea how to focus on the challenge.  I bought a couple pairs of leggings and some long shirts (the basic London uniform) but was really unsure about how to branch out from there.  Were I to do the shopping trip again I would get a couple pairs of non-jean pants to round out the wardrobe.  Because I had such a limited supply of leg coverings I felt as if I was wearing the same thing over and over for a while.  Adding a simple pair of black pants made a huge difference.  The first week frustrations also revolved around getting more comfortable with my body and with having it on public display.  One can just hide soooo much with jeans!  Now, I have to say, I feel much more confident in much more form-fitting outfits and am more confident in my ability to successfully branch out into new fashion territory (I'll probably never get as out there and funky as I would like to think I could but it's all about baby steps, right?)  The only real struggle the last week was in the lack of variety again.  I am really glad I did the challenge.  I now see myself as more fashionably flexible and less jean-centric.  Jeans will definitely no longer be part of my outfit every day (skirts and leggings are far too comfortable for that!!!)