Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catch Up

I feel bad for getting behind so much on my I Love theme for the month so I feel obligated to tell you what has been going on that has prevented me from keeping more up to date with you.  Normally I try not to make my posts be a more tame, internet-friendly version of a journal entry but it might sound a little like that.  Hopefully I can keep it brief :)

The BIG News:

Due to my fabulous program director and his amazing ability to know everything that is going on in the field of NGOs in London, I was able to apply for and accept an internship with an incredible institution that works around the world to advocate for human rights awareness.  It all happened so quickly I can't even believe it.  I started last Friday and got into the thick of things quickly as we have an improptu event tomorrow to discuss the goings on in Egypt last week. 

Why My Weekend Was Fabulous

As mentioned above I started my internship on Friday.  An auspicious day to get involved in the world of human rights!  That day I also:
  • went to a lecture at school by a holocaust survivor who talked about his experiences
  • ate TWO of the biggest and most delicious burritos in London (hindsight would reflect that one in a day is plenty as I am not going to be able to go back for a bit)
  • had drinks with my new colleagues to celebrate the arrival of two new staff members
  • found out over a couple of ciders that my co-intern is pretty cool which is great because it would really suck to be with someone who is not
  • drank one cider too many with a friend who happened to be in the neighborhood
  • cycled home (I am trying to not say "biked" because everyone here says "cycled" and look at me funny when I use bike as a verb.  But "cycled" makes me think of touring for miles and miles whereas "biking" sounds like a short distance.  Perhaps I am the only one with this association?)
Saturday was AMAZINGLY beautiful.  Fifty degrees!  Sun!  Blue sky and clouds! so I:
  • convinced my flatmate (not too hard to do) to go get breakfast with me at a proper breakfast place. Delicious!!!!  Huevos baby!!!!!
  • walked with her through some of the most gorgeous (and yet not too pretentious in a Chelsea or Kensington type of way) bits of London incluing: Belsize Park, Hampstead, Hampstead Heath, Kenwood House, and Golder's Green Park
  • attempted to study but instead found myself out on the road "cycling" down to the Thames
  • stood by the river for about half an hour taking in the last of the sun and watching it set over the city
  • ate dinner at a riverside restaurant while reading a book and generally thinking "wow. This is actually happening right now"
  • cycled to Carnaby street and had a hot chocolate and delicious dessert 
  • cycled to Aby's and watched an episode of Big Love (didn't expect that to make me miss home but holy hell!  My mountains!!!!!!)
  • ate a kebab with Aby before cycling home
Sunday was consumed by rather a lot of chores and reading for school but it was good because the weather was crap.  I was content not going out knowing that I had taken it all in the day before. 

Yesterday was the first real day of my internship (where I actually did a tiny bit of work).  The people are all really friendly and accommodating.  I am excited about the opportunities I will have and the time I will be able to be there. :) 

So now you see why I am a bit behind on my February quest.  I am sure I could have written something here or there but it wouldn't have been a) very high quality or b) very interesting or creative (not that these posts have been that fascinating lol).  Anyway, I have every intention to get some more of my half-written posts finished up and on the web to keep you busy at work.  Until then.....much love to you all!!!  :)