Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Green Goblin For the Win

Apologies for the delay in posting.  Sure, it will look as if I posted this on Feb 9th but that is a lie.  I haven't given you any Love for four days.  The reason?  Another one of my loves.  Cider.  Ok, don't start calling AA to find local meetings.  I haven't been drinking for four days straight.  I've just somehow ended up with a cider in my hand the last few evenings.  I blame T entirely for one of those nights haha!  Or perhaps it was Collin's fault.  Either way, that was sincerely one of the more fun bike rides home.  Cycling home with a happy buzz and a little bit of mist cooling my face was quite enjoyable.  But that's not the story of this post.  Onto the Cider!!!!!!

I confess to having a slight case of selective kleptomania.  I steal cider glasses.  Two reasons: everyone does it and as we all know that is the best excuse for anything, and the drinks cost enough that I feel entitled to a souvenir glass if I don't already have it.  Posting this made me realize I am so behind on my Rub a Dub Pub post because many of the locations for these glasses are not on there.  Surely updating that is more fun than writing a paper for school right?  Look for new additions to that soon.  Now, off for a cider with you!

For Christmas my super cool flatmate bought me several specialty ciders.  They got me through Love and Other Drugs and kept me warm on New Year's Eve.  

Winner for most aesthetically pleasing label. 

Winner of the Best of All the Ciders So Far Award!!!!

Also the label is pretty freakin cool. 
Aby and I went to a tasty burger joint a couple of days ago.  They had strawberry cider which can always be a bit of a gamble.  We won with this Rekorderlig though.  Soooooo delicious!