Monday, February 7, 2011

One Man's Garbage

I don't really know how to categorize some of my loves except to say that others might think them odd.

Two that come to mind are:

Pickle Juice - yes I drink it from the jar.  If this disgusts you perhaps you can try these alternatives to throwing it out because it is packed with flavor.  Mmmmmmm.....pickle juice.
Milk Skin - I will purposefully overcook my hot chocolate milk to get a nice thick layer of milk skin.  It tastes like Cream O' Wheat.  Also, my mom's vanilla pudding has the best skin ever.

Kind of a short post today but I don't really have much else to say about these two things except that I love them.  So there you go.  


topher said...

So do you eat the milk skin separate from the hot chocolate? or does it all go together? Just curious.

My Name is Not Nicole said...

If you mix it then the skin dissolves back into the milk. So you have to eat it first. The best process is to cook it in the microwave, let it sit a minute. Cook it a bit longer. Let it sit again and let the skin get nice and thick. Eat the skin. Mix in the hot chocolate. Top with cinnamon and nutmeg.