Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lynn Wilson - Green Label

Only one person I know shares my love for Lynn Wilson's Bean & Cheese Burrito with Green Chili.  It might be that we are actually the only two in the world because I couldn't even find a picture of that particular variety.   Here is a photo of an inferior burrito instead - picture it in green and you are pretty much there:

The recipe:  

1 plate 
1 Lynn Wilson's Bean & Cheese Burrito with Green Chili
87 Slices of cheese
1 Microwave

Open packet, remove burrito, flip over with the bottom side up and break off the frozen tortilla part that is loose on the bottom, eat the frozen tortilla piece, place burrito (top side down) on plate, and cook for one minute on high heat.  Busy yourself in the kitchen by drumming with wooden spoons, eating some leftover cupcakes, or doing gymnastics - all the while listening for the ding of the microwave.  Remove the half-cooked burrito, flip it over on the plate, cover in 87 slices of cheese, and put it back in the microwave.  Cook for one minute on high heat.  As you hear the cheese begin to sizzle, hope that THIS will be created in the process.  Remove from microwave (note: for anyone at Berkely Manor you may need oven mits as the plate will be hotter than the burrito and more cooking time might be required).  Slather with sour cream and salsa.  Push any crusty cheese to the side for dessert.  Cut the burrito in half and half again. Eat the two middle sections first, allowing the end pieces to dry out and get crunchy.  Eat the end pieces.  Eat the crusty cheese.