Wednesday, October 5, 2011


When writing a cover letter for a potentially life-altering fellowship, would it be ok to skip all the bits and bobs and just say:

Dear You,

I am who you have been looking for.  Really.




BJET said...

1. Absolutely. That is exactly what you should do.
2. At first I misread 'bits and bobs' (which can be skipped) as 'tits and boobs,' which should not under any circumstances be skipped.
3. I am reminded of this:

My Name is Not Nicole said...

1) Why did I waste all my time with various drafts when this was obviously the correct strategy.
2) To clarify the importance: tits and boobs must NEVER under any circumstances be skipped.
3) Were it not for you, I would not know xkcd and that is very sad. Almost as sad as if I hadn't learned how to bjet. But both are now a part of my life and that makes all the difference.