Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Sunday, Two Breakfasts*

Apparently the best way out of a rut is bacon.  Lots of bacon.  

This week started perfectly and has maintained its momentum for three days running (I do believe that's a hat trick, Kristen :).**  Sunday consisted of two breakfasts (separated by a viewing of Coraline) with a lovely friend whom I've not seen in ages.  I laughed more in those few hours than I have in the last few weeks.  That dude gets up to some serious trouble and I love that I can laugh at him and mock his plight without ever actually having to live through it myself (mind you, his plight involves far too many stunningly beautiful women throwing themselves at him on a regular basis so, yes, he really suffers).  As we ate my Cointreau french toast with homemade marmelade and streaky bacon I could see the weight of his burdens dissolve, however.  Always here to help those in need.

Yesterday had two highlights.  For the first time, I was able to walk into work, sit at my own desk and start doing proper, paid work for HRW.  Kind of awesome.  It's strange to be back in the world of numbers after having been out of it for so long.  I realize now it was't finance/accounting I disliked, it was corporate finance/accounting that I loathed.  The third sector is simply more rewarding.  I would take it any day over being a stock broker.*** Highlight number two is much more awesome than sitting at a desk getting paid.  Parkour, baby!!!  Two solid hours of pain, sweat, and fear resulting in a lot of old lady waddling today.  I can't wait to go back!!!  I woke up thinking about it and haven't stopped since.  A sure sign of a serious crush.  It is SOOOO much fun.  

Act 3: Tuesday
It's hard to explain the series of events that led me to eating at one of the most beautiful restaurant I've ever seen with a group of interesting, talented, motivated, book people, none of whom I'd previously known/met.  A bullet point summary of that story would include a bad hair cut, a persistent chugger, and a REALLY awful date - all of which occurred over a year ago.  And that, apparently, is the recipe for a group of incredible new friends.  Who could have known?  On top of meeting some fantastic new people, I got to chat with one of my favorite DC'ers.  We brainstormed on a project heavily inspired by our favorite bespectacled radio celebrity, Mr. Ira Glass.***  I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes together.  On top of all that fabulousness, today was also one of the most pun-heavy since the summer of Al.  I make me laugh a lot sometimes.  Sadly, it is over some of the worst jokes you could imagine.  I have no shame.

Baker's Hat Trick: so, life, let's throw in an extra with this batch, shall we?  If I could make a request it would be that on the train tomorrow****** I sit next to the two old men who have fantastic conversations.  I met them (and by met I mean listened rapturously to their entire discussion without ever indicating my interest, as is the public transport way) last week when I forgot to bring Jeeves and Wooster with me.  I was so sad at the thought of having no wit to kick off my morning but as fate would have it I happened to sit next to these two.  Their discussion centered on an etymological/philological compare and contrast of futility, vanity, hubris, and humility before moving onto the days of sputnik and crystal radios.  In the words of one of those train theologians, "Interesting, isn't it, what takes your attention and what inspires you."   

*I know it should be "two breakfasts, one sunday" to be an accurate joke but I would like to state for the record I don't joke about such repulsive things.  I am offended you would think otherwise.  

**I am always unsure how to close parentheses when a smiley face is involved.  Using the smiley seems like cheating, but no one wants to smile with a double chin.  Figuring out the period/full-stop situation makes this even more complicated.  Too many marks in convergence! 

***There is a strange mythology around that job title which makes people believe it is glamorous and swanky.  It is really just a practice in dealing with dicks - more the ones sitting next to you than the ones on the other end of the line.  

****Sorry Peter Sagal!  Your show doesn't have acts but I still love it more than I can express. 

*****What's the opposite of a hat trick?  Bad things come in threes and all so what is that called.  Like in Mary Poppins when the dad gets fired and they punch through his hat as their final punishment before he leaves the bank.  That was my last three week.  A punched-to-bits hat trick.  

******Sadly Rae is still out of commission for a bit.